8 Best Types of Bathroom Countertop for Many Themes of Interior

Choosing a bathroom countertop should consider a lot of things, from cost, durability, maintenance, and look. The models are various and you have to adjust with the availability of the types of bathroom countertop in the market as well.

It is also important to note that bathroom countertops should always be clean from stains. Choosing a countertop that is easy to clean is very crucial. Thus, you have to know which one will fit your habit in the bathroom. Check out some models below.

1. Marble Bathroom Countertop

Marble Bathroom Countertop

The marble bathroom countertop is one of the best types of bathroom countertop. The color is nice and natural. Marble has some flecks that will give a minimalist and modern vibe. However, it may be too costly for bathroom countertops. You need a special design for this material as well.

2. Quartz Bathroom Countertop

Quartz Bathroom Countertop

Quartz countertop is superior because it has white and greyish colors. Even though it is quite expensive as a bathroom countertop, quartz is the material that fits the coastal theme of the bathroom. It doesn’t scratch easily and won’t be abrasive over the years ahead.

3. Soapstone Bathroom Countertop

Soapstone Bathroom Countertop

The soapstone is ideal for the kitchen countertop, but it is also one of the good types of bathroom countertop with sink.

The soapstone material is modern because of the limited color such as green, gray, and white. This material has an antimicrobial agent that will keep the countertop clean.

4. Granite Bathroom Countertop

Granite Bathroom Countertop

The granite bathroom countertop is the material that will give luxury vibes to the bathroom. It has a beautiful appearance for the bathroom and is more affordable than the marble type. However, you need to seal the granite first to make it more durable and not easily scratched.

5. Wood Bathroom Countertop

Types of Bathroom Countertop

The wood countertop is another option of types of bathroom countertop. It gives you a warm vibe but you have to choose the wood quality. It should be properly sealed because wood is easily damaged in open spaces. You have to make sure that it stays dry to prevent the growth of mildew on it.

6. Tile Bathroom Countertop

Tile Bathroom Countertop

Using tiles for bathroom countertops is not a bad idea. The tile pattern is unique and attractive. Thus, you don’t need a particular design. The best type is you can use the tiles in many ways and the shape is adjustable. You can DIY this countertop stile without engaging an architect.

7. Concrete Bathroom Countertop

Concrete Bathroom Countertop

If you want a low-cost bathroom countertop, concrete material is a good one to choose from. It doesn’t need additional material but you should make it smooth so it is easy to clean. The concrete countertop is durable and not easily stained as well.

8. Porcelain Bathroom Countertop

Porcelain Bathroom Countertop

Another option that is also good for the bathroom countertop is porcelain. This material is very hygienic because the stain won’t absorb into the material. It is also water resistant, so it prevents mildew to grow on it.

The types of bathroom countertop above can be a good idea in case you want to have the countertop in the bathroom. It is possible to have one when the size of the bathroom is large. The countertop should be hygienic every time, so it won’t invite disease through mildew or fungi.

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