8 Types of Paint for Various Applications

Painting is the solution to create nuance in the room. Coloring interior and exterior has special application since the types of paint are different. They have different purposes and effects as well. Here are the types that you must understand before painting.

1. Oil Paint

Oil Paint

Oil paint is popular to create a luminous look. The paint is not for the wall, but more for the furniture and other parts of the exterior and interior. The colors are shiny and it has a slow dry time. With one swipe, it can cover the surface. The color option of this paint varies. The price may be expensive.

2. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint

Nowadays, more people choose acrylic paint among all types of paint in the market. This paint is very versatile and less toxic. Many children who are starting to paint use acrylic since it is flexible. The color after painting is durable and it can dry very quickly.

3. Enamel Paint

Enamel Paint

You can use enamel paint for the finish because it can give an extravagant look to the wall. It takes time to dry, but the result is excellent. Using enamel paint for coating is a good idea too. It can give a thicker result to the surface of the stuff you paint.

4. Emulsion Paint

Emulsion Paint

If you live in a high-moisture area, one of the best types of paint is emulsion paint. This is a durable option and gives strong protection for the wall. Emulsion paint is good for the interior and exterior because it can prevent the growth of mildew. It is very popular to use in the bathroom.

5. Latex Paint

Latex Paint

Latex paint is the ain’t that is easy to apply and the effect is long-lasting. This paint is reliable for high-traffic areas such as playrooms for the kids. Latex material allows you to wipe it when there is a stain, so you don’t need to repaint. It is not easy to fade over the years as well.

6. Satin Paint

Satin Paint

Using satin paint is the perfect choice if you want to hide some imperfections that you find on the surface of the woodwork. It doesn’t give a reflective effect on the surface, but the scratches and dents on it will be hidden. Satin paint is good for kitchen and bathroom areas because of the high traffic.

7. Bituminous Paint

types of paint

Bituminous paint suits many applications, but it is specialized for exterior use. It has a waterproof effect and is corrosion-resistant. Usually, this paint is for protection purposes. For high-maintenance buildings and construction, this paint works well for a long time.

8. Plastic paint

Plastic paint

The plastic paint is the paint to color the plastic items. It is very lightweight and you can use it not only for plastic material. Plastic paint is good to cover various items and usually, it is good as a coat. The texture of plastic paint is glossy. Mostly, the result is always shiny and bright.

The types of paint bring a different atmosphere to the space in your exterior and interior. Before using the paint to give color to the space or furniture, you have to differentiate its purpose and consider its durability.

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